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About BASF

BASF, the world’s largest chemical producer pride themselves in creating chemistry for a sustainable future. With multiple global businesses and a story of continuous growth, BASF partnered with Williams Technology to be their enterprise software development partner. Working with BASF regional teams, Williams Technology delivered in market solutions to improve process efficiency.
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Automate Quality Management & CRM

BASF had a need for a software solution which would combine basic CRM, task scheduling and quality management. With already established processes, it was a clear case that BASF required a solution which would fit their working environment, rather than change to fit around an out of the box software solution.

The Solution

After reviewing a range of existing QMS and CRM enterprise solutions, aware of the work Williams Technology had already done in this specific industry, BASF chose Williams Technology. With our rapid software development framework and prebuilt Business Management System (BMS), we were able to deliver a CRM, Task scheduling and quality management system in under 3 months. The solution allowed BASF to quickly adopt the system as it mirrored existing processes and procedures without the need to retrain and with minimal change management.
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Agile Continuous Development

Williams Technology delivered the bespoke software solution using an Agile Methodology, moving to an ongoing programme of Continuous Development.

The Results

BASF quickly automated a number of manual processes bringing immediate results to the day to day business.


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