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About BMW

BMW needs no introduction, one of the world’s leading car manufacturers drives innovation and quality in everything they do. BMW needed an in market software development partner who they could work with closely to automate manual processes. Williams Technology has worked with BMW for over 10 years on enterprise software development projects.
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Automate Quality Management & Auditing

Like all major global businesses, BMW has well established global systems and processes. However local market nuances and requirements do not always find a perfect fit in a globally rolled out system. BMW had a need for a software solution which would fit their specific quality management processes, automating manual steps, testing, auditing, collecting assessments and consolidated reporting.

The Solution

BMW chose Williams Technology due to our rapid software development framework and prebuilt Business Management System (BMS) which can be configured and customised to provide the basis for Quality, Audit, CRM, Planning requirements. Often allowing a higher degree of customisation than an off the shelf software solution BMS was a perfect fit.

The system enabled BMW to run auditing, testing, and collection of assessments throughout the approved Bodyshop network. The customer can set tasks as workflows, which allows the student (body shop) to run through these as a process. The customer currently has 2 sites running (UK & Ireland).


Agile Continuous Development

Williams Technology delivered the original solution using an Agile Methodology. Over the years we have continued to refine the solution to BMWs requirements through a programme of Continuous Development.

The Results

BMW has a single QMS solution tailored to their specific needs rolled out across multiple markets. Standards have been implemented, processes automated, and BMW continue to adopt the system more widely across their global business.


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