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About Lantra

Lantra is a leading awarding bodies for land-based industries in both the UK and the Republic of Ireland. Developing high quality training, and nationally recognised qualifications, Lantra required a digital transformation partner.

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Mobile Training Solutions

Lantra required a range of digital assessment, self-certification and training solutions to complement their in person assessment services. Often local authority assessors and trainees are in outdoor environments, so mobile access was key. Fundamental to the project was retiring paper log books with a digital solution

The Solution

At the heart of the Lantra requirements was a workflow tool which could be highly configured for different training and assessment scenarios. Historically assessments were recorded in specialised log books which were tailored to the specific training. Through the digitisation of the log book, it was important that the content could be changed and versioned so previous assessments were still stored and accessible, but may require the trainee to recertify to the new version.

Williams Technology used their workflow platform custom software accelerator, which can be configured and customised for different specialised workflow and audit purposes.

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Agile Continuous Development

Williams Technology delivered the bespoke software solution using an Agile Methodology, moving to an ongoing programme of Continuous Development.

The Results

Lantra have successfully moved to a fully digital log book solution, retiring the paper version. This has allowed centralised version control, and new insights around certification and assessment levels.


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