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About mSeller

mSeller can trace it’s history back to 1998, as one of the first mobile salesforce automation and mobile order processing tools. With the move away from windows mobile devices to tablets, mSeller new they wanted to build the next generation salesforce automation solution but needed to find the right partner to help them achieve their goal. Combining mSellers market knowledge and industry track record with Williams Technology software product development capabilities, a long term partnership was formed. mSeller was acquired by Skynamo in 2020.

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The Challenge

mSeller had build up a reputation for great sales automation solutions to long term clients in the wholesale, distribution, and manufacturing sectors. With Apple’s launch of the iPad in 2012, it was clear a huge opportunity existed to transform mobile order taking. mSeller needed to be a first mover in order to maintain their core business on windows mobile devices and to give them time to build their new mSeller ipad product. Without the technical capability, or experience app software development, mSeller reviewed the market to find the right partner to take the business forward. The challenge was not just to build the initial app, but provide a continuous development service as new features were requested by the mSeller team and their customers. The competition were already underway with their solutions, mSeller needed to move fast.

The Solution

With a core list of functionality from the existing software solutions, the mSeller and Williams Technology teams worked closely through the detailed Discovery phase to identify both new and existing requirements. mSeller would have to seamlessly work alongside existing windows mobile devices allowing customers to use both devices side by side.

mSeller had to be highly intuitive and easy to use, along with features such as offline data storage. Used by mobile sales teams, they may not always have internet access when taking orders at a clients location.

Williams Technology quickly provided dedicated team of iOS and Android developers with an Agile project manager to build the initial mSeller app. As well as App development, Williams Technology needed to bring in their .net development team to build out the integration layer to both new and legacy ERP and back office systems.

Once the app was complete, Williams Technology worked on a continuous development approach to add enhancements.

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Agile Continuous Development

Williams Technology delivered the bespoke software solution using an Agile Methodology, moving to an ongoing programme of Continuous Development with a dedicated team based in their Noida office in India.

The Results

The first app was completed in under 9 months with all existing functionality complete. As the adoption rate grew, the app was refined continually. Williams Technology maintained a long term relationship with mSeller.

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