Professional Setup & Support for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides an integrated, data-driven customer relationship management (CRM) solution that will dramatically improve interactions with your customers.

You can manage and maintain customer relationships, track sales leads and marketing campaigns, control your sales pipeline, and access actionable data in near real time.

By streamlining administrative processes in your sales, marketing, and service operations you can focus on building and maintaining long-lasting customer relationships.

Advanced digital intelligence will help you to predict your customers’ needs. You will have the tools you need to achieve personalized interactions that will build trust and increase revenue.

Intelligent insights from your sales team, ecommerce transactions and business processes will allow you to prioritize interactions, collaborate more effectively, and become more productive.

Enhance your performance with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Personal Engagement

No matter how your customers prefer to engage with you, your sales professionals will be ready to respond. They will be able to build and develop customer relationships based on their in-depth understanding of customer behaviour, trends, and potential value.

  • Insights gained from customer email interactions, calendar, and Dynamics 365 data allow your sales team to target your most receptive contacts.
  • High-quality leads are identified based on buying signals using sales software and social media.
  • Colleagues can share conversations, events, notes, and sales content and collaborate more effectively even if they don’t use Dynamics 365 for Sales.

Customer Journeys

You can reduce training requirements because your teams are using familiar Microsoft interfaces like Office 365 and Teams. They can manage customer interactions how and where they need to.

  • Connected workflows, mobile apps and automation improve efficiency and reduce manual data entry errors.
  • Guided sales processes streamline the steps needed to close deals more quickly.

Effective Sales

Sales performance is improved with real-time analytics, historical data and predictive information.

  • Dashboards provide fast and reliable insights with contextual charts, and natural language queries are easily handled with Power BI Q&A.
  • Real time monitoring of sales goals supports fast and helpful feedback and coaching.
  • New team members and partners can be brought onboard quickly and easily using sales management software and interactive help and documentation.
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Work with Dynamics 365 Experts

You can work with the Williams Commerce team of Microsoft Dynamics 365 experts. Your CRM implementation will be in safe hands and your business will benefit from a single source of customer data.

You’ll have a powerful and easy to use CRM solution that integrates seamlessly with your ecommerce platform and Microsoft’s other cloud services such as Azure, Office 365 and Teams.

Our ecommerce platform connectors mean you can rapidly implement a modern CRM solution and benefit from digital intelligence for your business. You can anticipate your customer’s needs and deliver the personalized experiences that build relationships and revenue.

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